Procure-to-Pay allows for collaboration, visibility, and transaction automation between trading partners. It increases agility, reduces costs, and minimizes risk.

Procure-to-Pay automates the supply chain transaction process on a multi-tenant, multi-enterprise platform in the cloud. It allows companies to negotiate and confirm orders with suppliers and trading partners, create electronic fulfillment documents, and track inventory and payments in real-time. Procure-to-Pay ensures that all parties are looking at the same instance of the data – reducing the chance for error.

What's Included ?

  • Order collaboration

    A single view of order data between companies and their suppliers. Confirm or negotiate order terms across multiple orders and items simultaneously.

  • Invoice management

    Automatic creation of electronic invoices, packing lists, and other fulfillment documents from order and shipping data. Create a single format and data source to create both commercial and customs invoices, and deliver documentation to brokers.

  • Payment management

    Rapid payment approval and notice of discrepancies, with a clear picture of cash flows and expected payment dates to suppliers. Automatically compare orders, invoices, packing lists, proof of delivery, inspection certificates, and goods receipts and ensure timely payment to suppliers.

  • Deductions management

    Electronically managed deductions with support for image and document attachments. Configure to company deduction rules and automatically take deductions on future invoice payments, expediting recovery.

  • First sale automation

    Automated creation of first sale documentation. Validate documents for accuracy and completeness and electronically provide data directly to the broker.


  • Automated creation and delivery of orders, invoices and other documents electronically
  • Collaboration, negotiation, and confirmation of key order terms across entire spend
  • Configurable and automated document checking,  payment decisioning and execution
  • Automated deductions creation and management
  • Configurable, multi-level approval workflow
  • Electronically managed invoice discount programs


  • Lowers processing costs from automation
  • Increases product margins from better supplier performance
  • Improves cash management through accelerated chargeback recovery, reduced FOB and duty costs, and invoice discounting, and automated first sale transactions reducing costs
  • Reduce AP cycle times and costs by enabling straight through processing
  • Provides payment confidence and visibility to suppliers