Supply Chain Visibility

Supply Chain Visibility gives a clear view of inventory and supply chain activity, creating an agile global supply chain.

Supply Chain Visibility provides a high-resolution look at supply chain activity, from sourcing to customer delivery. Trading partners access a single source of truth on where inventory is across the globe — they use it to quickly adapt their logistics plans to current demand and combat supply chain risk due to disruptions and supply chain complexity.

What's Included ?

  • In-transit visibility

    Reliable supply chain visibility for all in-transit inventory, from origin to final destination. Establish central event management for all product moves.

  • Production visibility

    Real-time information about production status, whether or not manufacturing is outsourced.

  • On-hand visibility

    A complete picture of inventory in the supply chain, created by linking in-transit and on-hand visibility. Forward project inventory positioning at destination DCs with dynamic ETAs.

  • Cost visibility

    Visibility into landed costs of globally source goods. Determine true costs of products by the time they arrive at destination.


  • End- to-end supply chain visibility from supply to end customer delivery
  • Proven, dynamic ETA modeling that enables easy comparison of actual to expected performance
  • Exception dashboards that place focus on products that are not flowing according to plan
  • Ability to analyze product profitability by capturing, calculating, and reporting actual landed cost information


  • Creates a lean supply chain by managing and controlling in-transit inventory
  • Increases cross-dock/flow-through by proactive allocation of in-transit inventory
  • Identifies and eliminates delays before they become problems, reducing variability
  • Improves product profitability by identifying and eliminating wasteful processes